Sunday, May 10, 2015

The cannabis can generation!: The cannabis can generation

The cannabis can generation!: The cannabis can generation: Today is May 2015 and the first entry of this New Blog, the Cannabis can generation! Not just five years ago, I did not think still that I ...

Thursday, April 30, 2015

The "New cure" cannabis paste! WHAT IS THAT???

I have had the blessing to work in the cannabis community for almost 10 years now.
I started with growing my own medicine and being blessed to provide some extra products to help
other patients in our collective. From growing my own medicine, I then was given my next blessing a job a my local dispensary, where I still work today.
Over the years I have watched cannabis bloom into a legitimate economy.
And during this time, I have been able to create, play, develop was to use cannabis beyond smoking it.
Today I want to blog about Cannabis paste.
I have my first batch slowing cooking on my stove top as we speak.
It seems that for the last oh 2-3 years now, it seems to me, it's all about RSO ~Rick Simpson Oil~
Long and the short, is that Rick Simpson is a Man, who discovered for his own personal melanoma cancer that concentrated amount of cannabis oil cured his cancer. I have used RSO, I teach others to use it and YES! I have tried to making small batches (out of Olive oil due to my Fear of Blowing up with Butane) The issue's with RSO are Mostly how dangerous it can be to make it, but also now new findings are saying the chemicals used to make the RSO oil, can potentially be stripping out the vital Cannabinoids cannabis contains.
For Years, I have wondered "why change a perfect plant?, why isolate certain cannabinoids?"
So, after reading an article about this "new cure" aka cannabis paste, which the company who is making this product, speaks about cannabis paste being made and used for 2000 years! So, Not so a "New cure" in my book but, It is definitely worth making, trying and blogging about!
It's amazing simple to make! and the real benefit is you don't waste any of the plant matter, or leave any beneficial cannabinoids to become trash. So if you start with 1 pound of cannabis, you will still have 1 pound of PASTE left!! Unlike Cannabis oil AKA RSO where that pound turns into about 60-90 grams so about (2-3 ounces total)
Cannabis Past Instructions on making:
Take 2 oz. coconut Oil, take 2 oz. food grade vegetable glycerin and 1/2 oz Organic Cannabis BUD!
(Not shake! but big Buds that you will grind into a fine powder, I recommend a coffee grinder just for your cannabis)
What kind of cannabis?
That is up to you really! Today I am making a 50/50 THC:CBD BLEND. Ultimately I want to be able to design specific ratios of THC to CBD to make sure I am getting at least both those cannabinoids. I wish I could tell you like here in California to just go down to your local dispensary and ask for some High CBD strains of cannabis, but I have researched that so many legal medical marijuana states do not have high CBD cannabis strains to offer their patients. Sadly for those patients who are children, and getting as little THC as possible is super important to their parents and doctors recommending cannabis as a medicinal option. 
 Make sure you grind the cannabis buds up as fine as possible (above I speak about getting and using a coffee grinder) and pick out any stick left, they can sometimes aggravate people with sensitive stomachs.
Take a ball jar, I like a 8 oz one. (use can use larger or smaller depending on your batch)
add the oil, glycerin and finely ground cannabis to the ball jar with a tight lid.
Have a pot with 5 inches of hot water, place the ball jar in the water bath and cook on a med heat for 15-20 minutes, then reduce the temperature to low or #1 setting on your stove and cook down over 10.5 hours. This can be done in your oven especially if making several ball jars of it at one time. bake on lowest temp. 170/175 and bake for 6-8 hours, its done when liquids are gone and it's now a paste consistency. I have empty capsules that I buy at the health  food market to keep the paste off my teeth!
I have read you should start with a half a pea size twice a day to begin with. If this is too much, back off if you can tolerate more, take more next time. The articles I read said people work up to 2 grams a day (used throughout the day) if you are using High CBD cannabis you may be able to consume more sooner than later.
So why use this paste?
I am going to try it for two main reasons, that I spoke about earlier.
No nasty chemicals to worry about eating and consuming over long periods of time, even if there is only residual amounts of chemicals left.
But More importantly, I love the fact that I am not getting rid of any of the cannabis bud! it's ground up, made into paste and consumed. This cannabis paste is a new concept, although one I have been dreaming about for years. A product that can be eaten, capped up and swallowed, put on your skin if wanted too and it's the whole bud! Nothing is stripped away! All THC and vital Cannabinoids are in the paste, ready to help your body with it's benefits.
Are you still a little confused?
It's understandable! Really, it is mind boggling to me, how much cannabis products have grown and changed just in the last 5 years. So it basically is this... Have you been reading it is all about the RSO! for everything, it cure cancer, and illness. It helps with pain and PTSD. YES! it's does, but it can be SUPER DANGEROUS! made with some serious chemicals.. SO this PASTE!! is another options, that cannabis historians say has been made for thousands of years! They would take cannabis in clay pots heat it slowly in the hot sun for long periods of time, they added essential oils of their times.
So for me!!! I am think why change something that worked for 2000+ years!
So if you have chronic pain, nausea, cancer, MS, PTSD, muscle spasm and all the issues that cannabis helps!!! Why not make up a batch of cannabis paste and start eating it?
I know as soon as my 10.5 hours is up, I will be!
any questions?? Don't hesitate to let me know!

Monday, March 30, 2015

will raw cannabis juice ever really catch on?

The answer should be "Yes" and Loudly too. But more honestly, having endless supply of raw leaves and buds seem to be trending towards a big fat NO!
Growers throw away the materials we juice and the dispensaries (here in California) need to find a safe clean and non-toxic/pestiside and mold free materials for patients to juice.
Raw juicing is amazing and can give patients many wonderful benefits, especially decreasing inflammation. and almost everything that is wrong with us ends in a "itis" meaning inflamed area somewhere. The raw leaves are non psychoactive so a patient will not feel the high of using smoked cannabis.
BUT WE NEED PEOPLE LIKE YOU AND ME, TO BEG THE GROWERS OF THE WORLD to share their leaves and inmature buds. PLEASE STOP THROWING THEM AWAY. please please let patients know you have them. I hear some people sell raw materials to dying cancer patients, and I don't know how to even start to express the need to GIVE DYING PEOPLE FREE MEDICINE!!
but that is a topic for another day. I say, GROW YOUR OWN IF YOU CAN. even a one light set up can produce you all the leaves you will need. And if you live in a medical cannabis state, ask everyone you know to share not toss your medicine away. Teaching growers that we want their trash, shouldn't be to hard, in that they use to toss most of their trim, and now that trim is a multimillion dollar  bubble hash industry.  
WE NEED TO SPEAK, we NEED TO SHOUT! we need to educate others on RAW CANNABIS JUICING!!! in hopes that one day, everyone world wide will have access to raw cannabis juicing.


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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Plant your own cannabis juice garden for yourself!

It's March 1st 2015  If you are going to grow your cannabis garden from seeds, it time to get started, Yes for an outdoor garden. If you are going to use clones, it's time to start (if you haven't already decided) what strains you want to grow. Or have access too. For those of you with  low weather conditions I really recommend using a green house, you can even pinterest it and find how to build a green house for $100. It is quiet easy, amazing and you don't have to deal with the lack of heat or sun, plus if designed right, you can remove or pull pack the plastic for fresh air, and less humidity. Also, if you have access to hail bails, constructing a green house for your cannabis garden can not only add height to your garden but also it builds a great base!  If most of you are like ME, I ran out of  Fresh leaves and buds months ago, but have bee blessed to have enough frozen from fresh cannabis at the end of the season. Where I then made juice, frozen them in ice cube trays and pull  out the fresh juice cube I need each day. It works, well too. But I miss my fresh leaves and fresh buds I like to add to our juicing program.
Like I have spoken about before the hardest part about raw cannabis juicing is having access to the raw shade leaves and raw buds that are vital to continue your raw cannabis juice program.
I want to shout from the hill tops, grab every patient I can and share with them "RAW CANNABIS JUICE IS the BEST", non psychoactive,  with the MOST incredible anti-inflammatory properties. I swear I can feel the body aches and pain even chronic pain too start to leave my body with in minutes of raw juicing. But UNLESS YOU GROW IT, IT'S ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO HAVE ENOUGH ACCESS TO IT, SADLY! Last  year, I was able to convince the perfect person I know the get into Raw cannabis juicing. A CANNABIS FARMER !!! Farmer's more often than not throw away their big shade leaves, and even little immature buds as they are developing. This is what we need to juice. He even called me later in the season, truly amazed how his neck and shoulder pain was gone! He had convinced others to start juicing too and would  to tell me all about the amazing benefits they were having from, no aches and pains to  their increased amounts of energy. While you do not get HIGH with raw cannabis juicing many people have mentioned a euphoric feeling. I agree, I love my raw juice it make me not only feel happy, but healthy and inflammation feels less from my head to my toes. Dr. Wm. Courtney talks about how our bodies have cannabinoid receptors throughout our bodies, and he also speaks on how many people are cannabinoid defiant. After continuing juicing raw cannabis for 6 months straight every single day, I have to say, I felt the juice as it was injected, charge my body. Decrease it's pain, increase it's energy and boost my euphoria. Which brings me back to Your raw cannabis Juice garden. I am challenging all of my readers this season to please start talking to growers, cannabis users, anyone cannabis friendly about the need for raw leaves, raw buds so we can juice it. and if you can at all (even if only grown in buckets on your porch) GROW A CANNABIS JUICING GARDEN. Grow as many as you legally can, and start juicing as soon as your garden is producing leaves. And Yes, when I am to the harvesting point and even before I JUICE THE BUDS! I think juicing the raw buds gives the strongest most potent parts of the plant. However, I do juice all the leaves, shade leaves, young stems that can be juiced. I don't let anything I can go to waste. I challenge all of you to try a 40 day raw cannabis juice challenge. I challenge you to get out and grow your own medicine. The more people who not only read my blog on how to do it, it's benefit that actually GROW A GARDEN AND JUICE IT. Is the only way that this raw cannabis juicing thing and movement, with become a regular part and availability to patients who want to try raw cannabis juicing. Unfortunately, because this is still new to the cannabis community there is still a missing piece where patients don't have access to this amazing plant in raw form. People don't share or give leaves that they would compost or throw away. SO, I SHOUT!!! GROW YOUR OWN. and START JUICING. 
~ PeAcE and Mahalo

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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Raw Cannabis and weight loss, plus MY WRAP Biz!

Dear Reader of My raw cannabis juicing site! I always write about the benefit of raw cannabis juicing or article that primarily focus on raw cannabis in some way. Yes, I had read and heard from many people that they feel raw cannabis helps them loose weight. Not smoking the ganja! (Your more likely to get the munchies) But drinking raw cannabis on almost a daily basis (which is part of why it works it because it is used daily) can help people loose weight. Today however I am writing  about another subject that I love, but also helps pay the bills so I can write on my blog. I am not paid for my blogging, since raw cannabis isn't allow paid advertising.  If you love reading my information on raw cannabis juicing will you PLEASE check this out too! 
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Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 is the year for raw cannabis juicing!

Several new states have now joined Colorado, and Washington in legalizing cannabis for recreational use. Oregon, Alaska, and Washington D.C. will be joining them. And medicinal states are growing by leaps and bounds, we have passed the tipping point on having more medicinal marijuana states than not. This is fantastic, amazing and I see How my struggles, our struggles with getting raw cannabis juice to patient and people wanting to try it, will be getting easier.
But raw cannabis juicing needs you help!
If you are interested in juicing you medicine, having continual access to raw fresh, organic leaves, that are also safe and pesticide free we need you to start talking about it.
Asking questions if you live in medical states and are medical patients, start asking for the big shade leaves, (most growers throw them away along the growing process) If you live in states where legal Cannabis can be grown, ask grower and dispensaries to carry fresh leaves you can juice yourself.
And if you now live in a state where recreationally legal, or medically legal do what you laws allow to grow you own medicine. and Juice it. Growing your own medicine allows you to insure you are getting safe pesticide free raw cannabis.
I have worked on this blog for almost two years now, continuing to share the knowledge of raw cannabis juicing, it's benefits and continue to struggle with how to get patients these vital leaves.
Now, with the new legalization of Hemp in several state in the US, Raw Hemp Leaves can also be used to gain the CBD people want. Remember Cannabis does not activate the THC in the plant, so eating it or drinking it raw, you wont get high.
I started my  40 day raw cannabis juices challenge to see if I felt different. I knew within in days that my body was feeling better. I believe raw cannabis juice it one of the best natural inflammatory on the planet. I pray one day the world will have access to it's benefit.
HAPPY 2015!
Happy raw cannabis juicing.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Let see if we can hit 100,000 view before october!

Thanks to our loyal fans and interested cannabis juicing readers, our little 40 day raw cannabis juice blog is in the top 4 for internet searches on raw cannabis juicing, and we are blessed to get over 100 views per day. So after reading all the Thank you letters from all over the world, for having this blog site for information. THANKs to ALL OF your, our views continue to grow, people continue to gain more and more knowledge on the benefits of raw cannabis juicing. Knowledge is power, and raw cannabis juicing is powerful medicine!Keep reading, keep sharing the info with others, and keep asking your dispensaries, and or friends NOT to THROW AWAY THEIR BIG LEAVES AND RAW buds they often toss! Let you try to raw juice it for your medical issues!
Take cake, Keep Juicing and thanks again for reading!
Almost 100,000 view and going strong.